Does CAIR truly care about Malcolm X’s Political Legacy?

 Recently, the Executive Director of Council on American Islamic Relations-California, Hussam Ayloush, accused me of being part of “racist attempts to create a rift between American Muslims.”



It came in response to efforts of mine to call attention to the misappropriation of Malcolm X.  What is so revealing about this statement is that certain political stances of CAIR are a textbook example of mentally colonized Immigrant Muslims misappropriating Malcolm X and his legacy.

On one day, CAIR issues statements like this:




On other days, CAIR issues statements like this:





CAIR which claims to be “largest Muslim advocacy and civil rights organization” published a statement in honor of John McCain. CAIR’s National Executive Director Nihad Awad asserted “The American Muslim community joins all Americans in mourning the death of Sen. McCain, a man of principle who served our nation with honor and dignity for so many decades.”CAIR went on to make the false claim that they, “recall McCain’s rejection of bigotry.”  But John McCain supported bigoted policies throughout his political career against Black people.


1985: Voted To Allow U.S. Firms Continue Investing In South Africa: McCain voted to let U.S. firms continue investing in South Africa if their units comply with a code of worker rights. [HR 1460, Vote 110, 5/21/85, Failed 148–256, D 3–227; R 145–29; I 0–0]

1985: Voted Against Requiring Immediate Withdrawal Of U.S. Investment From South Africa: McCain voted against imposing a total ban on U.S. exports to South Africa. [HR 1460, Vote 128, 6/5/85, Failed 77–345, D 77–167; R 0–178; I 0–0]

1985: Voted Against Establishing A Commission To Study Apartheid In South Africa And To Recommend Sanctions: McCain voted against establishing a commission to study apartheid in South Africa and to recommend what sanctions the United States should impose on the government. [HR 1460, Vote 126, 6/5/85, Failed 108–310, D 6–235; R 102–75; I 0–0]

1985: Voted Against Imposing Sanctions Against South Africa: McCain voted against imposing sanctions immediately against South Africa. [HR 1460, Vote 130, 6/5/85, Passed 295–127, D 239–6; R 56–121; I 0–0]

1986: Voted Against Considering Imposing Economic Sanctions Against South Africa: McCain voted against providing for House floor consideration of the bill to impose economic sanctions against South Africa. [HR 4868, Vote 159, 6/18/86, Passed 286–127, D 238–4; R 48–123; I 0–0]


.John McCain voted on six different occasions against placing sanctions on Apartheid, South Africa. John McCain actively supported U.S firms and companies who were doing business with the racist apartheid regime of South Africa. McCain voted against civil rights legislation that would have benefited Black people. 

Since CAIR calls itself the “largest Muslim civil rights organization” one would think they would not falsely claim a politician who opposed civil rights for Black people actually “rejected bigotry.”

One would also think that a CAIR executive director who is allegedly concerned with racism in the Muslim community would be at the forefront speaking against his organization’s decision to issue a statement that sanitized John McCain’s history of complicity in war crimes against African people. The statement of CAIR is an affront to the political legacy of Malcolm X which strongly opposed sanitizing human rights crimes against Black people. 


CAIR engages in lauding this racist oppressor of Black people as a “man of principle” because their focus is not in aligning with black people in the struggle against white supremacy but they seek to make Muslims more palatable to the white oppressive class.  CAIR is so focused towards doing this even if it means honoring someone who was a blatant oppressor of Black people. Yet, CAIR also claims to honor Malcolm X.

It should be obvious. You cannot honor both Malcolm X and John McCain. CAIR should choose one or the other. What the two men stood for are so diametrically opposed to one another.

It is these types of decisions by CAIR and other organizations like it that create rifts within the Muslim community.  The misappropriation of Malcolm X must come to an end.

Will CAIR’s California’s executive director, Hussam Ayloush,  address the rift caused in the Muslim community by CAIR’s blatant praise of a politician who oppressed Black people?   Does CAIR not concern itself with the fact that as the alleged “largest Muslim civil rights organizations” they risk sending the message to Black America that they support politicians who have oppressed Black people? Malcolm X’s political legacy was strongly opposed to white supremacy and all manifestations of white supremacy. 

Black Dawah Network and Combating the Misappropriation of Malcolm X 


In the last interview of Malcolm X life, Malcolm X expressed that it was a goal of his to ensure institutions would be built that would teach Islam within inner-city Black communities across America. Influenced by this, the Black Dawah Network  is an Islamic outreach organization that promotes Islamic values and virtues in desolate inner-city Black communities impacted by the legacy of Jim Crow, redlining, and other manifestations of institutional racism. Malcolm X himself came of age in such depressed urban areas.

Malcolm X once reflected that “All of us [Black men] who might have probed space, or cured cancer, or built industries were, instead, black victims of the white man’s social system.” Malcolm X stated that the religion of Islam saved him from becoming  “a dead criminal in a grave, or if still alive, a flint-hard, bitter, thirty-seven-year-old convict in some insane asylum.” Inspired by the work of Malcolm X in uplifting the Black community and following the Islamic mandates on dawah, our work will be empowering to the Black community with the message of Islam. 

God-Willing, on Feb, 22, 2020,  Black Muslims within the Black Dawah Network will be mobilizing throughout notorious housing projects and ghettos that the white power establishment in America has trapped Black people within and communicating the message of Islam.  The delegations shall speak to our people; informing them about ALLAH (SWT) and why ALLAH (SWT) is worthy of worship. About the divine revelation: The Noble Quran. And about the need and importance of following the ways and teachings of the last messenger of ALLAH (SWT), the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We will also be communicating how the values of Islam strongly condemns white supremacy and the oppression that Black communities face.

The Black Dawah Network will be providing free copies of the Qu’ran and The Autobiography of Malcolm X to Black youth so that they can see directly how ones life can be transformed by the message of Islam and they can also know the politics that Malcolm X truly stood for.

Support this day that God-willing has the potential to become a great first step in revitalizing the Islamic agenda of Malcolm X within inner-city Black communities and challenging the  rampant misappropriation of Malcolm X that is widespread throughout mentally colonized Muslim institutions of America.