Meghan McCain’s Paternalistic Attack on Tamika Mallory


On a recent episode of The View, Women’s March Organizer Tamika Mallory appeared to discuss the upcoming Women’s March.  The conversation soon veered to a bombardment of questions about her relationship with Minister Louis Farrakhan including by host Meghan McCain, the daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain.

She was very upset by this relationship especially Ms. Mallory, calling Minister Farrakhan the “greatest of all time”.   Consider this. Ms. McCain has called her father former Senator John McCain, “a great man”, despite the fact that he voted on six different occasions against placing sanctions on apartheid, South Africa and actively supported U.S. firms doing business with the racist apartheid regime of South Africa.  What’s so great about that and where is Ms.McCain’s condemnation of her father?

Over and over again, Ms. McCain called on Ms. Mallory to condemn Minister Farrakhan, like she is her slave master demanding Ms. Mallory to do her bidding.  Ms. McCain is totally perplexed that Ms. Mallory doesn’t just say “yessuh massah”.

Ms. McCain mentions that  Minister Farrakhan has allegedly made statements such as “death to Israel” and expresses being utterly perplexed that Ms. Mallory still associates with Farrakhan.

Of course, Meghan McCain never addresses the issue of the actual role of the state of Israel in actually killing Black people.  Farrakhan’’s statements are just words. Israel has an actual history of killing Black people.

During the height of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, Lekgau Mathabane, the head of Soweto’s Committee of Ten, an anti-apartheid civil rights organization, proclaimed: “Israel also supplies arms to South Africa and South Africa uses those arms for killing Black people and even children three years old.”

In a strong condemnation, the General Assembly of the United Nations’ went as far as to declare that actions of  “Israel are the main obstacles that have frustrated international efforts for the elimination of apartheid.”

Meghan McCain is upset over Tamika Mallory’s association with Farrakhan, yet has never condemned her own father John McCain  who has honored and associated with Israeli prime minister, Shimon Peres, who actually signed an entire defense agreement with apartheid, South Africa.

Meghan McCain: condemn your father before opening your mouth to attack our precious Black Sister, Tamika Mallory, or her friendship with the Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Ms. Mallory has the right to consider Minister Farrakhan exactly what she wants and doesn’t need Meghan McCain’s permission or sanction to do so.  The fact that Ms. McCain feels like she can even tell Ms. Mallory who she can associate with and who she can’t, speaks to a slave-master mentality where the slave master feels entitled to dictate what is in the best interests of their slave.  Wake up, Ms. McCain. Those days are over. You will not dictate to Tamika Mallory.