ADL Fails To Disprove Claim Israel is an Apartheid Regime.

In a shameful display of grotesque incompetence, the Anti-Defamation League(ADL) published the article Response To Common Inaccuracy: Israel is an Apartheid State, seeking to challenge common comparisons made between Israel and Apartheid, South Africa.  The ADL claims that unlike Israel “[t]he apartheid regime imposed ‘bantustans,’ impoverished autonomous homelands whose borders were designed to exclusive economically viable land, upon 12 million black South Africans.”  The problem is the ADL has omitted the fact that the Israeli defense force actually worked to police black people in apartheid South Africa’s bantustans. 

In a 1984, the United Nations’ special Committee report titled Recent Developments concerning relations between  Israel and South Africa, notes “[d]espite the denials of the Government of Israel it continues to collaborate with the racist regime of South Africa as well as the bantustans, particularly in the military and nuclear fields.” In a strong condemnation, the General Assembly of the United Nations’ went as far as to declare that actions of  “Israel are the main obstacles that have frustrated international efforts for the elimination of apartheid.” 

Under the apartheid system, Black people could only travel to white areas for work if they had a pass.The apartheid government was built on the white supremacist belief that Blacks were not needed in white areas except as a unit of labor.  The police of apartheid government established checkpoints to ensure that Blacks were in white areas exclusively to perform labor. This system resulted in logistical difficulties in the form of excessively long lines

In search of a solution, apartheid South Africa’s former police chief, Constand Viljeon, visited Occupied Palestine in 1977. He unabashedly admired how Israel controlled the movements of the Palestinians, writing, “The thoroughness with which Israel conducts this examination is astonishing.” In admiration, Costand Vijeon sent white South African soldiers to Israeli militarily school with the goal  of replicating their system in South Africa. 

As the anti-apartheid struggle took place, Nelson Mandela’s uMkhonto we Sizwe began to engage in guerrilla warfare to fight the white racist government.  Through its continued battles with the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Israeli military gained valuable military expertise in how to fight guerrilla movements.

In the Unnatural Alliance: Israel and South Africa, James Adam, a former board member of the National Security Agency and an expert of warfare strategy analyzed  apartheid, South Africa’s military tactics against the black guerrilla fighters. James Adam concluded that apartheid, South Africa’s “armed forces are equipped by Israel and their counterinsurgency tactics have evolved almost entirely as a result of lessons learned by the Israelis in their fight against the Palestine Liberation Organization.”    

Due to the violent repression of anti-apartheid activists, many black freedom fighters of the ANC had to flee the country. In Who Israel Arms and Why, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi  writes that “ANC leaders in exile began receiving parcel bombs and letter bombs in the mail; the terror campaign resulted from cooperation with the Mossad, which has used similar techniques against PLO leaders.” In other words, Israel’s intelligence agency aided the apartheid regime of South Africa in assassinating Black people who merely wanted to live dignified live free of white racism.

In light of history, the Anti-Defamation League should be classifying the Israeli military as an anti-black hate group. Yet, seeking to disprove the claim that Israel is an apartheid state, the ADL asserts:


Indeed, former South African Constitutional Court Justice Richard Goldstone wrote in a New York Times op-ed that accusing Israel of apartheid “is an unfair and inaccurate slander against Israel, calculated to retard rather than advance peace negotiations.

Amazing! The Anti-Defamation League cites one of the most ruthless apartheid era judges Richard Goldstone as a credible source. This is the same  Goldstone who once sentenced two black men to a prison sentence for merely possessing a video tape of a senior official in Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress.  Indeed, during the height of apartheid, Goldstone sentenced over 28 Black people to the death penalty. In contrast, the Anti-Defamation League demonizes heroic anti-apartheid activist Desmond Tutu as anti-Semitic for his belief that “Israeli policies towards Palestinians are the same or worse than those imposed against black South Africans under apartheid.”  When the ADL is upholding the perpetrators of apartheid while demonizing its victims it is clear that something is not right.

Tamika Mallory, the ADL, & the Hypocrisy of the Anti-Black Zionists!

Minister Farrakhan and Ms. Mallory.

For the past month, Women’s March Co-organizer Tamika Mallory has faced relentless criticism for doing what millions and millions of African-Americans have done for decades and generations of their lives: she attended a speech by Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan.

While speaking, Minister Farrakhan made remarks which have been criticized for being anti-Semitic by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  When asked about these statements, Ms. Mallory stated,“I think people have to ask Minister Farrakhan about his views. I’m not responsible for Minister Farrakhan, nor am I a spokesperson for him.”  [1]

She continued by stating, “What I do know is that I’ve worked with Minister Farrakhan for many years to address some of the ills in the Black community, where we’ve transformed lives… In those areas we have been able to work together. As it relates to some of the statements he has made and some of his personal views, people have to ask him about that.” [2]

Organizations such as the ADL refused to accept this and took to Twitter and other social media to criticize not only Ms. Mallory but other Black leaders who would dare share the same breathing space as Minister Farrakhan.                                             

The ADL has furthered called for Ms. Mallory to resign from her position in the Women’s March. The ADL complains,”Tamika Mallory, one of the leaders of the Women’s March, who got a special shout-out from Farrakhan and who regularly posts laudatory pictures of him on her Instagram account — as does Carmen Perez, another leader of the March.“ [3]

Yet, former ADL director Abe Foxman has appeared in several photographs smiling with Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres, a man who offered to sell apartheid, South Africa, a long range missile called the burglar. [4]

Former, ADL director, Abe Foxman takes picture with Shimon Peres who once advocated that Apartheid, South Africa needed,”More Modern Weapons.”

After signing a defense agreement with apartheid, South Africa in 1975, Peres proudly posed in a photograph with Hendrik Van Den Berg, who was known as the most feared man in South Africa due to his role in mass-murdering Black, anti-apartheid, activists. [5]  

Why didn’t the ADL attack Peres with as much tenacity for taking a photo with Hendrik Van Berg, with they did Ms. Mallory for uploading a photograph with Farrakhan?

Despite Peres appearing in a photo with a mass-murderer of Black people and his role in arming apartheid South Africa, the ADL once hosted a celebration where they provided Peres with the distinguished statesmen award claiming Peres changed the world for the better. [6]

Foxman asserted, “Just think of the diverse contributions Shimon Peres has made to mankind?” [7]  It would appear the ADL does not hold itself to the same standard it seeks to impose upon Ms. Mallory.  Foxman has also  shared platforms and taken photographs with former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who believed that the racist white settlers in apartheid South Africa needed,”more modern weapons.” [8]  Was there any outcry about this appearance? No. 

 ADL’s role in Anti-Black Violence

In the Unspoken Alliance: Israel Secret Relationship with Apartheid, South Africa, Sasha Polakow-Suransky writes that, “As the anti-apartheid campaign turned its attention to Israeli links with South Africa, the ADL entered the propaganda frat, publically attacking Nelson Mandela’s ANC with arguments that mirrored those of hardline security officials in Pretoria.” [9]  Indeed, instead of repudiating Peres for signing a defense agreement with Apartheid, South Africa, in 1986, the then national director of the ADL, Nathan Perlmutter co-authored an article defending apartheid and South Africa’s President P.W. Botha while denouncing Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress as, “totalitarian, anti-humane, anti-democratic, anti-Israel and anti-American.” [10]  If the ADL had been aware of Nelson Mandela’s photograph with Minister Farrakhan, given their history, the ADL would have probably used that to call for Nelson Mandela to step down from his position. 

The ADL even dispatched spies throughout the United States to monitor groups working to end apartheid in South Africa. [11]] Working as a spy for the ADL, Roy Bullock passed on data he collected on anti-apartheid activists to the racist intelligence agency of Apartheid, South Africa. [12]

After this repugnant history, it’s absolutely absurd for the ADL to even posture as though its a credible civil rights organization when they have not  made any acknowledgment or amends with Black communities for their decision to support white murderous rule in apartheid, South Africa.

The Israeli Defense Force vs the Nation of Islam

Whilst criticizing Ms. Mallory for associating with the NOI, the ADL in events such a, “National Counter-Terrorism Seminar in Israel” [13]  demonstrates it  is more than willing to associate and even promote the Israeli defense force, an  organization that has a demonstrated track record of actual physical violence against Black people.

A 1984 U.N report titled, “Recent developments concerning relations between Israel and South Africa,” states that the Israeli defense force’s “Collaboration with bantustans in military and police affairs is alarming because the racist regime of South Africa has utilized the bantustans as tools of oppression and suppression against the people of South Africa.”[14]

The Bantustans were systematically designed to confine the socio-economic mobility of Black people and ensure that Black people remained a permanent underclass and cheap labor source for white people. By any objective standard, the Israeli “defense”  force should be classified as a hate group for policing the bantustans of apartheid, South Africa.

The ADL is upset that Ms. Mallory attended a Nation of Islam event, an organization whose members are forbidden to carry weapons—even a pen knife. In contrast, Peres provided apartheid South Africa with brutal weapons used to kill Black people.

A CIA memo titled,” Israel’s relationship with Apartheid, South Africa,” revealed that Israel under Peres’ leadership provided apartheid, South Africa with piloted reconnaissance drones, gail assault rifles, 155m howizers, kits and the Israeli defense force provided technical assistance to modernize apartheid South Africa’s mirage 3 fighter aircraft. Israel also provided riot control equipment including gas masks and tear gas training program to apartheid South Africa. [15] These weapons were utilized to kill Black people.

The Nation of Islam is currently characterized by the ADL as a, “hate group” despite a lack of history of actual hate crimes. In contrast, the Israeli defense force, whom the ADL is affiliated with, has a documented and undeniable history of facilitating state terrorism against Black people.

During the height of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa,  Lekgau Mathabane, the head of Soweto’s Committee of Ten, an anti-apartheid  civil rights organization, proclaimed, “A friend of the South Africa government cannot be a friend of the Black…. Israel also supplies arms to South Africa and South Africa uses those arms for killing Black people and even children three years old. You don’t  expect any Black person to be happy with that type of thing.” [16]

Why is it acceptable for Foxman to snap photos with Peres but a Ms. Mallory instagram post with Minister Farrakhan results in a national uproar? Given the anti-Black violence of the israeli military,  the ADL’s decision to promote the Israeli defense force is far worse and worthy of condemnation than Ms. Mallory’s decision to attend a Nation of Islam event.  

Anti-racist, activist, Tim Wise stated, “Perhaps when white folks begin to show as much concern for the bigoted statements and, more to the point, murderous actions of white political leaders as we show over the statements of Louis Farrakhan, then we’ll deserve to be taken seriously in this thing we call a ‘national dialogue on race’.” [17]

When Will the ADL condemn, the Anti-Black Zionists?

Another immense double standard was revealed when Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yitzhak Yosef, referred to Black people as, “Monkeys.”[18]  The characterization of Black people as monkeys, is no light matter, it is rooted in Black people being portrayed as subhuman, and it is the very ideology that rationalized colonialism and the enslavement of Black people.

Yet, the most the ADL did was issue a watered down tweet claiming it was, “racially charged”, as opposed to explicitly anti-Black. [19]  There were no calls for any particular individuals who in the audience who attended the speech to resign from their places of employment. Moreover, the ADL has devoted a significantly larger amount of tweets indicting Minister Farrakhan compared to one watered down version condemnation of Rabbi Yitzhak. There was not even a call nor pressure by the ADL to have Rabbi Yitzhak step down from his position as chief rabbi of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu with the chief Rabbi of Israel who has called Black people,”monkeys.” When will the ADL pressure Netanyahu to resign for his association with a racist?


While Zionist Lobby groups have called for Senator Maxine Waters to resign for a video showing her warmly embracing Minister Farrakhan, there have been no calls for Netanyahu to step down as Israeli prime minister for photographs showing him shaking hands with the anti Black Rabbi, Yizhak Yosef.

The reality of the Anti-Black Zionists

The anti-Black zionist groups such as the ADL place the state of Israel over Black lives. Given the ADL’s role in supporting apartheid, in South Africa [20], it is not to be taken seriously as a civil rights organizations. The ADL has no authority to tell Ms. Mallory or any other Black leader who they can associate with.  Instead of focusing on her decision to attend a speech by Minister Farrakhan and stalking her social media for Minister Farrakhan photos, the ADL should be seeking forgiveness and atonement from the Black community for their complicity in being anti-Black.


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