Are Muslim Anti-Critical Race Theorists Liberals in Muslim Clothing?

I just wrapped up a discussion with Daniel Haqiqatjou as to whether Muslims should adopt or accept critical theory. There will be more forthcoming thoughts regarding that discussion.

As for now, I will discuss why Muslim anti-critical race theorists are in fact more liberal than they think. In a discussion, Abdullah Al AAndalusi, writes:

This is a continuation of an argument that Abdullah Al Andausi made in his Middle Way lecture. He argues that social policies aiming to address the legacy of Jim-Crow and Black Codes in the form of “positive discrimination” “create rancour” and result in them joining facist movements.  His mistake is that he attributes causality of “poor whites” in joining white supremacist movements to legislation endeavoring to end racial discrimination.

This argument is not based upon Islamic ethics but liberal consequentialism in which the morality of an action is to be judged solely by its consequences.  When we look at even legislation prohibiting racial discrimination from the end of school segregation, end of racially segregated schooling, ..etc. there was an increase among whites(of all classes) in joining the KKK and other racist movements which perpetrated  acts of violence against Black people.  After the Fair Housing Act was passed seeking to end housing segregation where I am from in Chicago, Whites preceded to start facist movements,. They bombed and killed  black people in order to intimidate them into remaining in certain neighborhoods.

However, this does not mean that the end of racially segregated schools, racially segregated housing, ..etc. were not worthy goals to pursue.

No Muslims would make the liberal consequentialist argument that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,  should stop seeking to proclaim the oneness of God simply because there will be backlash from the idolaters among the Quraysh.

When it comes to achieving addressing the legacy of jim crow, the fact that some poor whites will seek to uphold white supremacy by joining facist movements is not a reason for why we should not address the legacy of Jim crow.  To quotes Dr. Charles Mills:

De facto white supremacy treats as a neutral baseline “the existing color-coded configurations of wealth, poverty, property, and opportunities;” it assiduously maintains “the pretense that formal, juridical equality is sufficient to remedy inequities created on a foundation of several hundred years of racial privilege….White supremacy organizes group power not only in explicitly white supremacist polities like the Confederate States of America, Nazi Germany, and apartheid South Africa, but also in polities that renounce white supremacist ideology but still protect distributions of wealth, office, education, and opportunity systemically biased in favor of whites.”

The question that I pose for Muslim anti-critical race theorist is how they seek to address continued structural racism in a post-jim crow era in a way that is attuned with Islamic values.

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