The Saga Continues: Lil Jojo, The Hate that Hate Produced

“Killing is the solution.”These were the blunt words of a Chicago Englewood Gang-Banger. White middle-class news reporters had the audacity to bombard these oppressed youth with a variety of questions that demonstrated the fact that  they were totally ignorant to the concept of racial based inequality and the behavior it breeds; it proved they really were totally clueless about the upbringing and oppression that these youth were facing.
Questions like, “What makes you guys tick?” were brought up by “reputable” news sources, obviously employed by those lacking even a basic grasp of sociology.The young Chicagoan responded, “We’ve got to eat.,,, We want to. We want money. Rob, steal and kill. That’s the only way. We didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills. We don’t get it handed to us.” Indeed, these youth engage in this anti-social behavior for pure survival, to be able to have food and basicnecessities of life.
Tupac Shakur once asked us, “How many brothers fell victim to the streets? Rest in peace young niggas, is there a heaven for a G.”
One of the recent tragedies of Chicago’s streets was the death of an aspiring rapping ‘Lil Jojo’—yet another victim of the streets. He can be seen in his music videos armed with automatic weapons and making threats to his rivals. If you let the mainstream media tell it, ‘JoJo’ was just an ignorant hoodlum savage.  However, one must look at the environment that produced Jojo.
Jojo was from Englewood, one of the lowest income communities in America, and like many that grow up in this community, parents often have drug addictions, are unemployed, and are unable to provide food, shelter, clothes and other basic necessities of life.  As rapper Nas once told us, “Tell me what’s the reason. That your kid is hungry you ain’t got no money, what’s the reason?
The legacy of Jim crow and systemic racism is the reason.   Of course, America is often proclaimed to be the land of democracy and equality. We are further told that America is a place where anybody can make it with determination and hard work.
Unfortunately, for right-wing mythology, these perceptions of America are solidly founded upon mistruths, fabrications, distortions, and out-right lies. The fact is that America is a colonial corporate enterprise built on genocide, rape, theft, exploitation and slavery. As the Star-Spangled Banner was being written, African-Americans were out in fields performing slave labor. America has never been the “land of liberty” for the mass amounts of oppressed people;  instead the “land of misery”.   As rapper Nas Informs us, “They call it Thanksgiving, I call your holiday Hellday, ‘cause I’m from poverty; neglected by the wealthy.”

America is not the land of “equality” for African-Americans suffering in internally-destructive colonies, or “ghettos,“ where gangs terrorize the streets and the police “stop and frisk” law is a prerequisite for jail time. The drug economy is the number one employer of the youth in these areas. America is not the land of “equality” for that black single mother who works multiple jobs and is still unable to provide for her children. America is not the land of “equality” for impoverished black teen who participate in an illegal drug economy due to the lack of opportunities in his community.
What options for social mobility were there really ? Sure, Jojo could have sought a job, but since brothers without criminal records are less likely to be hired than whites with criminal records, Jojo (who, in fact, had a criminal history) would have an extremely difficult time finding employment. Plus, what jobs are there really in his community? Millions black workers lose their jobs because their labor is no longer valued. The jobs of the lower-class are now outsourced to the third world. Capitalists want to make more money and the jobs African-Americans need to provide for their families does not matter to them; it’s not even a remote thought when it comes to their business strategy.
Moreover,  even if Jojo had found a job, his labor would be exploited by capitalists while he made minimum wage, still unable earn enough to have the basic necessities in life. As Big L, an urban rapper informs us, “:”How the hell I’m gonna make end’s meet, makin about $120 dollars a week? Man, I’d rather do another hit; I want clean clothes, mean hos and all that other shit.”.
Jojo could have gone to school, but Chicago’s educational system is in an absolute state of apartheid in which Selective Enrollment schools (which are disproptionetly white) receive more funding and resources while neighborhood schools are neglected, given old textbooks, and broken down supplies. What reason is there to go to school on an empty stomach to receive a lackluster education? More than half of black youth drop out of these neighborhood schools..Dead Prez once told us, “They schools can’t teach us shit. My people trynna get all we can get. All my high school teachers can suck my dick. Telling me white man’s lies straight bullshit.”
Thus, one day, a hungry Jojo made the decisions to go along with his peers who were making fast money via an underground illegal drug economy having the latest clothes, women, and an excess money. Plus they were well respected and feared on a dangerous block (thus adding a sense of security). Why not join a gang?
 Gangs are a way in which oppressed youth experience a bond . They come together and form a connection. This replaces the needs to climb  up the socio-economic ladder the legal way. Most African Americans live in isolated ghettos struggling for basic human necessities such as housing, health care, food and clothing. Joining a gang is the only hope for some people to have access to those things.
 White folk’s “recession” translated to African-Americans depression.  Whites have 20 times the wealth of African Americans, and the average white newlywed couple has 12 times the net-worth of African American families. While white folks were facing job insecurity for the first time and worried that they would be unable to pay the mortgage, African-Americans like Jojo and his family were had no job or house to lose. Thus, Jojo joined a gang. After, Chief Keef signed a record deal and went from rags to riches in no time, many other Englewood natives wanted to aspire to be like him, following in his foot-steps.
Jojo was one of these people, and he was motivated by his hatred of the ‘Black Disciples,” Chief Keef’s gang, which wars with Jojo’s gang over control of drug blocks. Thus, Jojo made videos dissing the Black Disciples and can be seen in his rap videos brandishing guns. Jojo’s older brother had this to say about the videos:
“It was a character and just an image that he was giving, because that image is hot. We’re not from the North Side. We’re not from the nice community. We’re from the ’hood. We’re from where mothafuckas are hungry and ain’t got shit and it’s a matter of whether you’re a nigga that do eat or don’t. The nigga that eat do negative things to get it.”
Jojo, was hoping that he would be signed to a major record deal like Chief Keef by his music recordings that he uploaded to YouTube.
Chief Keef represents ‘300’ and Lamron in his songs which represents Englewood’s Normal Ave-  the Englewood faction of the Black Disciples.  Chief Keef and Jojo belonged to two different, warring gangs that competed for drug blocks. In response to Jojo’s death, Chief Keef stated that, ““Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga jojo Wanted to Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.” Chief Keef’s account was apparently hacked when this statement was made but it still was made by someone and as disgusting as this response is, both him and Jojo are victims of a centuries-long cycle of racial oppression which allows for mentalities like this to flourish
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  1. Tight article bro!!!

  2. BS Detector says:

    This is such an bullshit… there are parts of Europe that are so poor you can’t even imagine (I live in one of them), still there is no civil war or constant violence… all those gangstas want are sport cars and high lifestyle. Instead of blaming white people for actually working and trying to get their lives together teach your black brothers how to act like CIVILIZED human beings.

    • Obviously you don’t understand the magnitude of the problem that exist here in America and across the planet where all black and brown skinned people have been subjected into this post chattel slavery condition. The gangsta lifestyle is a not a myth. It’s a actual lifestyle that influence all impoverished kids no matter where you are located on this planet. The problem is not for blacks stop blaming white people. But for white capitalist who have stolen the resources from across the planet to admit their deeds and actively become a part of the solution to take some of the trillions that has been stolen and reinvest it back into education, employment and housing opportunities. You dont think it can happen in europe. Just watch the poor whites across Europe begin to burn their countries to the ground when they realized they have been duped to. Like they attempted in Greece, Spain and France recently Remember we (blacks and brown people) fight ourselves, just think what will happen when we decide to take our 40 acres and mule!!

      • Jon Smith says:

        Why do people that don’t have a pot to piss in spend $200 on fucking sneakers and $100 for hair that isn’t theirs? Why are urban schools so shitty? The kids don’t behave or study because they don’t give a damn about their future. Ghetto culture is fucked and it is a sick cycle that unfortunately people try to embrace versus break. Are white people to blame for this as well?

      • No need for the profanity. You have a lot to learn about why exactly kids pay $200 dollars on what you deem ‘fucking sneakers’. Its due to the affect that white supremacy has on the mind and psychology of Black youth throughout urban areas of America. Kids in Urban areas grow up in such impoverished conditions and look to such vain things such as $200 Jordan shoes. Ultimately,the system of capitalism and white supremacy are to blame. I do agree that urban city youth should better utilize there money however.

        Why are urban schools to ‘shitty’? Because capitalists make more money from imprisioning African-Americans than education them. African-Americans came to Chicago during the great migration. As a result of racist discriminatory laws and white terrorism, they were confined to the south side, which became known as the “Black Belt.” This area was treated with inconceivable neglect by the government. The houses blacks were forced to live in lacked basic plumbing, and did not even receive the benefit of regular garbage disposal services.e schools built for black students in this area lacked basic resources, received significantly less funding than white schools, and were unbearably overcrowded. Benjamin Willis, one of the earliest superintendents of this city, proudly refused to comply with the Brown v Board of Education decision.

        Years later, James Redmond, the successor to Benjamin Willis came on the scene as an integrationist. He had plans to send black students to all-white schools and, as result of this policy; he was met with protests by angry violent white mob groups. In the end, James Redmond’s plan to integrate schools never materialized, and overtime he became disillusioned in his goals and he never vehemently enforced it to appease angry whites. Thus, in 1980, long after the civil rights movement, the court finally ordered that Chicago must integrate its schools. .

        Chicago’s Public Schools are still in a state of segregation, despite the 1980’s legislation that was enacted endeavoring to enforce diversity. In 2000, over half of African-American students attended schools that did not have a single white person enrolled, and 274 Chicago Public schools were 90% or more black. This statistic led the Chicago Teacher’s Union to say that “Chicago’s Public Schools….. [are] only a few percentage points from an experience of total apartheid.” When overt racism became socially unacceptable in American society, Chicago’s Public Schools came out with “selective enrollment” tests as a strategy to keep schools segregated. Selective Enrollment schools generally have better infrastructure, more resources, and more opportunities than the typical school-to-prison pipeline academic centers you often find in Chicago. Entry into Selective Enrollment High Schools relies upon two standardized tests that measure vocabulary, mathematical skills, and reading comprehension. It was against the law for black people to even read and attend college for the majority of their history inside this country. The Chicago Housing Authority shoved black people into isolated ghettos, in homes that lacked basic plumbing, and then allowed corporations to dump their toxic waste there. Obviously, given the history of racist injustices in this country, black students (especially in the inner-city) typically do not come from educated households, and therefore the education they receive in primary school is not equal to whites. Lack of education amongst parents, poverty, and substandard living conditions all correlate with lower vocabulary and many other attributes that are tested by selective enrollment schools. Thus, these Children were giving a lackluster educational system to work with which goes on to fund the prison-industrial complex. Yes, the system of white supremacy is to blame.

      • And to add on to what Hakeem said, since the public school system in many black communities is substandard all over the U.S., a lot of blacks aren’t prepared for things such as Selective Enrollment, due to having lower quality middle schools and elementary.

        The school system is linear. Good pre-school > Good elementary > Good middle school > Good high school > Good university

        It’s why many well-off families will spend money to send their 5 year old kid to a private pre-school.

      • Thanks for consistently posting on my blog.

    • Obviously u are retarded. We are talking about America not Europe,sure u don’t have to live that lifestyle but it is easy for kids to be influenced by society without and even sometimes with proper adult guidance. A lot of these kids dont have anyone to really look after them. They live in poverty stricken neighborhoods and that is never by choice its because that is where their family can afford to live.Further more do you really think black people from poverty stricken neighborhoods and white people from regular suburban areas have equal chances at becoming successful? No way because they are not faced with the same everyday situations and are not being influenced by the same societies. Poverty a lot of times leads to drug use (most likely the parent) and crime (both the kid and parent) such as stealing,robbing and or drug selling to make ends meet. Also this goes for any race there are white neighborhoods with the same problems just not as many even though whites are a larger demographic

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