Black Legal Talk: Justice For Tulsa’s Massacre Survivors.

  Black Legal Talk is an educational podcast hosted by law student Hakeem Muhammad. Black Legal Talk serves as an educational apparatus on legal issues impacting Black communities. In this episode of Black Legal Talk, “Justice For Survivors of The Tulsa Massacre,” Hakeem Muhammad spoke with Northeastern law student Ezinne Adi about legal obstacles facing […]

The Trial of Assata Shakur by Black Legal Talk.

In this episode of Black Legal Talk, The Trial of Assata Shakur, Northeastern Law Student Ezinne Adi speaks with Final Call Journalist Nisa Islam on her historic interview of Black Liberation Army, soldier, Assata Shakur. Nisa Islam was privileged to be one of the few Journalist to conduct an interview of Assata Shakur and discusses […]

Apartheid in Milwaukee: The Third World Inside America (The Hood Series)

  Black Life in Milwaukee: The Third World Inside of America  Surrounded in scenery of dilapidated houses, food and liquor stores;  crumbling infrastructure vandalized by RIP signs that pay tribute to the young victims of fratricidal gang warfare, Milwaukee rapper Gwapo Chapo from the neighborhood of Atkinson Ave spits  that his “Trynna Make it Out […]

Chiraq’s Child Soldiers & The Story of Yummy.

  Think back to when you were nine years old. At this age, most kids in America are able to live care free, jovial lives contemplating about what cool new gadget they want from Santa for Christmas. For African-Americans in urban areas throughout America, their experience is totally different. When Robert ‘Yummy’ Sandifer was only […]

A critical look at the South-Side of Chicago

Nearly everyone in Chiraq has friends who are now imprisoned, have been shot, or are now six feet in the ground.  This is a place where people shoot bullets with no regard for life, as if it is some type of video game. The brilliant thing about hip-hop is that it has allows for people […]

Chicago’s Gangs: A Product of Institutionalized Racism

              Chicago’s Gangs: A Product of Institutionalized Racism Chicago is a city infamous for its ruthless gang violence. Even after much legislation attempting to solve the problem, gang warfare is still a destructive force in Chicago’s culture. It continues to squeeze the life out of black youth whose blood has been splattered all across Chicago’s […]

An Islamic Critique of Neo-Liberal Economic Development In Burkina Faso

In his final sermon (McIntire, 2008), the Prophet Muhammad stated that “Allah has forbidden you to take usury … you shall neither inflict nor suffer any inequity.” The Prophet of Islam went on to say, “A white has no superiority over a black” (Mcltnire, 2008). In violation of this, I argue the IMF’s Structural Adjustment […]

ADL Fails To Disprove Claim Israel is an Apartheid Regime.

In a shameful display of grotesque incompetence, the Anti-Defamation League(ADL) published the article Response To Common Inaccuracy: Israel is an Apartheid State, seeking to challenge common comparisons made between Israel and Apartheid, South Africa.  The ADL claims that unlike Israel “[t]he apartheid regime imposed ‘bantustans,’ impoverished autonomous homelands whose borders were designed to exclusive economically viable land, upon 12 […]

The Prayer at The Trial of Assata Shakur

“The kourtroom was packed every day with sisters and brother who had come to watch the circus. People from all over the Black community dropped by. The Muslim sisters and brothers brought their pray rugs and broke out into prayer in the hallway of the courthouse. It was as if Black folks had just taken […]

Chicago’s Educational Crisis: A Product of Institutional Racism

In 2013, Rahm Emanuel facilitated the closing of 49 Chicago Public schools. Emanuel insisted that it would be to the benefit of Chicago’s mostly African-American students. However, a recent study indicated that while the closing of schools destabilized students there was no improvement in academic performance of students Today, Chicago Public Schools are in a […]

Killadelphia: Even Though What We Do is Wrong! (Hood Series)

Fed up with taxation without representation, America’s founding fathers signed the declaration of independence in Philadelphia. As a result, Philadelphia became known as the city of brotherly love. Yet, Black people in Philadelphia have never experienced this liberty.  Philadelphia was a prime target for African-Americans during the great migration, and it quickly became a white […]