Straight Outta Compton: Do for self or perish!

The debut of the film Straight Out of Compton has encouraged multiple critics to assert that N.W.A is responsible for normalizing a gangster image in the black community and thus contributing to a deadly cycle of black on black crime. Such criticism of N.W.A overlooks their evolving political and spiritual consciousness, and focuses narrowly on […]

A critical look at the South-Side of Chicago

Nearly everyone in Chiraq has friends who are now incarnated, have been shot, or are now six feet in the ground.  This is a place where people shoot bullets with no regard for life, as if it is some type of video game. The brilliant thing about hip-hop is that it has allows for people […]

Malcolm X to Big L: The Post-Racial Danger Zone

In the eyes of Malcolm X, there was an unjust racial caste system which was tyrannically imposed upon black Americans. In his autobiography, he highlights that “America’s most dangerous and threatening black man is the one who has been kept sealed up by the northerner in the black ghettos.” Malcolm X did not believe the […]